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"This is the sixth visit back. My wife and I now have done cleanup, deep cleanup, crown, and a couple of fillings. Dr. Gao is always pleasant, friendly and helpful. He did a good job explaining the details of the treatment. I have been to dentist office for 40 years now and has never feel so relaxed in a dental office. Charges are very reasonable. On the occasion that I have a broken tooth, Dr Gao's office was able to get me in the next day. Good jobs Dr Gao!"
- Raymond M

"I have a fear of dentists that made me not see one in much longer than Id like to actually admit to. A friend of mine had recently gone here and told me that it was a pretty solid place that did a good job and seemed to only do what was necessary. I figured I was overdue and decided to give it a shot. Im so glad I did. Its obvious that everything here is new, high tech, and that a lot of thought went into making it look really nice. The people in front were professional and Dr Gao was a really nice guy who really knew what he was doing. An hour later I left with a deep cleaning, a good idea of what other things Id probably need down the road, and a great feeling that I actually found a dentist I liked and would be willing to go back to. This place is pretty great and definitely worth checking out. Oh yeah, they gave me a bag with a new toothbrush and other stuff that'll be great for when I go on vacation too. Pretty amazing. "
- Ali A.

"My new favorite dentist in town! I found Dr. Gao through my insurance and a lucky find indeed. The receptionist was kind to squeeze me in for an appointment two days after I called. Dr. Gao cleaned my teeth himself and was so thorough yet gentle. You should see the difference before and after. He explained my problems and his treatment plan in detail, without being pushy. After he filled in my cavities (I won't divulge how many), the pain that had been bothering me for weeks went away! I am so so so grateful. They even gave me a bag of goodies. Non I have toiletries to use on vacations. "
- Alice W.

"After having the biggest fear of dental offices i found my experience here at Bernal Dental Care to be amazing. I am not a rookie when it comes to getting fillings, I have always had a sweet tooth. From past fillings, I would be left with sensitivity to hot or cold water, even when eating soft foods. Long story short, I have gotten a few fillings done, changed some silver fillings to white, got a root canal, a crown and I am more then happy with the results. My teeth do not hurt, nor are they sensitive. Any questions I have Dr Gao is more then willing to answer and explain before getting anything done. Did I mention the cleanliness of the office? Everything, is new and covered with barriers which makes me feel more at ease. The x-rays did not hurt at all, it was pain free and really fast. I really like that I can see everything they do because the computer is right in front of you. Not only am I more then happy with the treatment that I have gotten but will continue to get further treatment done. I will also be recommending my friends and family to come here."
- C A.

"I've been neglecting seeing a dentist for almost a decade because I always had good teeth (no cavities ever) and practice meticulous dental hygiene. So imagine my shock when on a random Sunday, when my back molar starts hurting like crazy. I heard about Dr. Gao from a friend and gave his office a call. Despite having a full schedule, he kindly opened up an hour earlier on Monday just so he could see me. One xray later, Dr. Gao showed me how my wisdom tooth, that was behaving properly last time I checked (a decade ago), had decided to come down, which created a huge cavity (as in 1/3 was decay) on my molar. The two treatment options were: 1) pulling out the teeth and getting an implant in its place, or 2) getting a root canal and crown. Having no dental insurance, I went with the second option. I later went to my college friend who is an oral surgeon to pull out my troublesome wisdom tooth. He saw the root canal on xray and told me molar root canals were extremely difficult to do, and it was one of the best work he has seen on a molar. That not many dentists would go through the trouble to do that root canal and save the tooth, especially when implant paid much much more. Hearing this I was extremely thankful that Dr. Gao took my financial situation into consideration and offered an alternative treatment that I could afford. Needless to say, I went back to Dr. Gao for the crown. Now months later, my tooth looks perfect and feels perfect. I am so happy to have found Dr. Gao, who is so skilled with his work and doesn't charge an arm and leg. If you are looking for a dentist who does the job right with no upselling, Dr. Gao is the one to go to."
- Kimberly F

"I turned to Bernal Dntal Care after trying several offices to have my infected teeth extracted. Most dentists referred me out after knowing my medical conditions, but Dr. Gao reviewed my health conditions carefully , made treatment plans, and finally extracted my infected teeth. Now I can enjoy my eating again. I like this office! "
- Williams O.

"I don't trust dentists and I hate going to them. Due to too many traumatic childhood/teenagehood experiences, every time I go to a dentist's office I feel like my mouth is gonna get raped.
Most dentists I've dealt with seemed to think I'm ironman's sister or something. They typically assume I don't need any sort of anesthesia whether the procedure is for pulling a teeth or general/deep cleaning, they basically just obliterate away like slaughterhouse butchers. I'm not gonna go into too much details but I'm sure the scene from a spectactator's view could be described as grizzly/disgusting. I always come out feeling like I was just released as a prisoner of war.
Going to Dr. Gao was one of the only pleasant experiences I remember having at a dentist's office. The office itself was well-equipped, clean, and less ghetto in general from asian dentist's clinics I was used to. Aside from obviously knowing his shit,Dr. Gao was also extremely professional, thorough, and respectful to my oral cavities during the routine procedure. Based on the pleasant experience, I'll be switching to Dr. Gao in the bay area. Good to know that not all dentists are darth vaders."

- Tian Q.

"After going to franchise dental offices for a number of years, it is refreshing and pleasantly surprised to find a family dental office. Dr Gao, his wife (the office manger) and an hygienist are warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. We, my wife and i, have cleaning, cavities and a crown done in a very professional manner in one visit. ( have to come back to finish the crown). We arrived for our appointment on time and were warmly greeted and treated right away without any waiting. As retirees, we no longer have good dental insurance and we are glad that the charges are reasonable. There is no high pressure selling and only necessary work are recommended. The dental office is very clean and the equipment is modern and is the state of the art. The instant high definition computerized x-ray and digital pictures were very useful to visualize why and what work need to be done. The paper work of new patient information, insurance information etc. are all done expediently an d efficiently. The office is fairly new but they seems to have a very smooth operation. I understand Dr Gao lives any minutes away from the office and is able to come for urgent dental work in after hours. After 60 plus years of seeing good, bad and ugly dentists, Dr Gao seems to be more of a friend than a "scarey" dentist. In summary, I highly recommend Dr Gao and family, the Bernal Dental Care, for any dental works!"
- Raymond Mok

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